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        Another Japanese company took Jukui earnings, TV business drag is one of the reasons why. Panasonic has begun transition, it is expected to be in the energy field to find new advantage.

        This is the Panasonic

        The |CBN reporter Zou Tong

        Japanese consumer electronics industry is collective and old glory. The first is Sony, sharp welcomed historic Jukui, once again turn panasonic.

        Panasonic announced in May 11th, 2011 money year net loss of 772100000000 yen (about 61000000000 yuan ), this is Japanese manufacturing industry in the history of second massive losses. Loss is an important cause of television service cuts costs and acquisition of Sanyo motor and accounted for one-time expenditure, the cost totaled up to 767100000000 yen ( about 60600000000 yuan).

        On the other hand, Panasonic main TV, semiconductor, lithium ion battery business downturn also dragged down the company. Which contains the television AVC network business operating loss of 67800000000 yen (about 5400000000 yuan ), is all business of the biggest loss.

        Panasonic awkward fiscal year 2011 is three years mid-term business plan ( Green Transformation 2012 ) second years. According to this plan, Panasonic will transition to green energy company to provide, from product as the center to provide solutions for the center, and to accelerate the development of globalization.

        Previously, Tsuka Chihiro has replaced Otsubo Fumio as the new president of the company, according to the " Asahi Shimbun " reported, Tsuka Chihiro is a golf enthusiast, was at the California University Computer Science and technology, has long been committed to technology research and development. Tsuka Chihiro originally served as senior director of Panasonic electrical and audio products as the branch president.

        The 2011, earthquake and flooding in Thailand forced the Japanese enterprise closes down the plant capacity, yen appreciation pressure to continue, at the same time the entire panel industry is in experience loss, sharp had to sell their shares to Hon hai.

        Like other Japanese manufacturers, Panasonic uses 1990 very successful vertical integration mode of production, that is their own R & D, production and manufacturing of TV panel products. This model is unable to further reduce the price. " 2006 and 2008 we have in Japan the establishment of a plasma panel factory and LCD panel, look now, we in the television business investment is excessive. " Otsubo Fumio says. As of fiscal year 2010, Panasonic in the television business investment over 400000000000 yen ( about 31600000000 yuan).

        Apple, Samsung ( micro-blog ) using the supply chain management of globalization, will produce a part or most of outsourcing, the energy used for product R & D, design. According to the market consulting company Asymco data, the first quarter of this year, Samsung and apple monopoly in the mobile phone industry 99% profit.

        Panasonic also aware of this, for this business to adjust actively. It put the Sanyo appliance business sold to Haier, the lithium ion battery factories moved to China, and to find partners in developing the next generation of organic EL tv.

        Even so, Panasonic or a consumer electronics, components, the solution three big business group, the main business, 579 companies, 330000 employees of the enterprises, the rapid transformation of " elephant " is not easy. Its goal is to let the green business has become one of the most important strategic core, the acquisition of Sanyo motor intention lies in this. After the financial crisis, Panasonic has gradually lost its in television, home appliances field of traditional advantage.

        Panasonic transition may to Hitachi company as reference. Hitachi of Japan's manufacturing industry has created the largest deficit ( 2008 fiscal year loss of 787300000000 yen ), it will then concentrate resources in the sustainable development as the prerequisite of social infrastructure business area, has become the current number of profitable manufacturing enterprises of.

        Japanese electronic industry


        From the beginning of 2002 into deficit mire (2007, 2011, transient loss of $5730000000 in earnings ). Sony was trying to find innovative ability.


        Xiang Honghai transfer 10% stake, 2011 deficit 4660000000 dollar.


        Has lost in the television, the field of home appliances traditional advantage, Panasonic 's goal is to transform itself into a green energy company.


        2011 sales and net profit ( derived from the sale of the hard business ) grow respectively 3.8% and 45%, the company's main business includes information communication system, high performance material, social industry system.

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