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            Onda GPS navigator VP80 3D edition Siweituxin full virtual 6 inch

            Update: 2013/6/11??????View:
            • Brand: ???onda
            • Type: ???VP80
            • Order Online

              6 Inch Touch screen, the mainstream than large 5 inch 44%

              " Onda VP80 3D edition " continued - before VP80 fashion appearance, using visual area larger 6 inch screen, compared to the mainstream 5 inch machine, visual area increased 44%, while up to 800 x 480 dot matrix HD screen support, clear natural, colour is flowery, can be true 3D virtual map better representation. " Onda VP80 3D edition " in 6 inch screen into a new generation of touch screen, touch area increases, make more outstanding, intuitive, convenient. There is no doubt, 6 inches is the car GPS navigator in the most suitable size of.

              ONDA VP80

              The top two hardware platform, GPS navigator n0356

              " Onda VP80 3D edition " features a built-in industry most of the top speed, a new generation of intelligent dual core processor, machine processing operation frequency is a generation before a product to upgrade 20%, plus " Powerful-X " Onda multi-core vigor fast architecture supports perfect, ensure that the GPS navigator running is more rapid, stable carry out the work, and smooth support 3D maps navigation. At the same time, a comprehensive upgrade to 128M DDR2 SDRAM cache, than the previous generation of GPS navigator performance increases one times, so that the machine multi task operation, can be more fluent, and stable operation; the built-in 4GB large capacity Flash, and support for external 8GB micro SD ( TF ) expansion card storage.

              ONDA VP80

              To upgrade in the round three GPS navigation technology, the performance of more powerful

              " Onda VP80 3D edition " will continue Onda acclaimed three top GPS navigation technology, and for the new series and conducted a comprehensive upgrade and Optimization: it will be " Ultra Search " speed Star Technology Star searching speed of promotion to the second ( hot start ); the second generation of the " Powerful-X " multi-core vigor fast architecture will also bring more advanced dual-core processing chip and the more outstanding hardware configuration.

              ONDA VP80

              And " Experience-Plus " user-friendly control system are more focused on the use experience of the user, in the operation habit, map display, navigation and other aspects of running a has greatly improved. There is no doubt that the new GPS navigation technique of integrate, make " Onda VP80 3D version of " machine performance, navigation experience greatly upgrade. > >

              A new generation of technology, the fastest speed star, 2 seconds speed positioning

              A new generation of " Ultra Search " speed star searching technique of integrate, make " Onda VP72 3D edition " in the navigation operation, star searching speed than the other GPS more rapidly. It is built on top of GPS receiver module, and a 64 channel satellite signal receiving, ability nature is impeccable. Cold start 40 seconds ( hot start up to a second fastest speed and accurate completion ) of star coordinate positioning, the positioning accuracy of less than 10 meters. Support for external 8GB micro SD ( TF ) expansion card storage. At the same time for car GPS tailored FM transmission function, can be MP3, video, and sound files such as navigation through the FM wireless transmission to the car stereo, making navigation, audio-visual more comfortable.

              ONDA VP80

              Into the original four-dimensional map data more accurate, more comprehensive

              " VP80 3D Onda edition " Siweituxin pre-load licensed the latest map, and by the beauty of science and technology to provide technical support, user within a year can be free map upgrade ( from the date of purchase ). Siweituxin is China's leading navigation maps and dynamic traffic information services provider, is the world many brands of consistent choice (Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Toyota etc.). " VP80 3D Onda edition " built-in four-dimensional maps simultaneously into the beauty of science and technology of further optimization and development, in the nationwide ( except Taiwan ) all at the same time the regional administration, more globally for the first time into the 3D map support, intuitive 3D effect, let you have personally on the scene navigation experience, relaxed and easy to choose the correct path, and with the map route fully cooperate, in route planning more perfect matching.

              ONDA VP80

              For the first time in real 3D display, more accurate and more clear navigation

              " Onda VP80 3D edition " will debut in the GPS navigator to achieve true 3D map display, covering 3D zone ( city building "a bit " ), 3D stereo icon, 3D junctions enlargement, 3D landmark buildings, 3D virtual city, to bring you find everything fresh and new visual sense at the same time, can also for accurate, clear navigation guidance. The current " Onda VP72 3D edition " has 29 City real 3D modeling data, the reality of building, road, afforest city live can be carried out in the GPS 3D photo show. 3D virtual city all the way to participate in the navigation planning. Navigation, vehicle positioned around the building, overpass, sports field shape, color and true.

              ONDA VP80

              29 implementations of 3D Virtual City: Beijing, Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Dalian, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Harbin, Hangzhou, Ji'nan, Nanchang, Hefei, Nanjing, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shijiazhuang, Suzhou, Wuhan, Urumqi, Xiamen, Zhengzhou, Huzhou, Jinhua, Xi'an, Shaoxing, Tianjin, Yunfu and so on.

              ONDA VP80

              The unique dual screen navigation technology, more convenient POI search

              Strong hardware performance and a new map of humanized settings, for " VP80 3D Onda version " can fully use the multithreading technology to achieve the double screen map navigation technology, users can also browse maps, 3D map, also can be respectively while using different proportion of the map, the map in any combination, the user can according to their own use habits were adjusted, with more comfortable to carry navigation operation. At the same time, users can also according to the use habit of multiple view switching. More humane custom icon adjustment, more dazzle personalized animation UI interface, city image query, a more convenient way to circumvent the choice is all " Onda VP80 3D edition " on the map brings new change.

              ONDA VP80

              " Onda VP80 3D edition " has rich POI information point, and handwriting input keyword retrieval, associative retrieval, input method, input retrieval word retrieval of dance history, fuzzy search, statistics on the number of display, search the keywords highlighted, provincial retrieval improved search function, allowing users to easily find destination. At the same time, can search navigation path on either side of the 100 - 500 meter range is commonly used to classify POI ( Hotel, gas station and so on ), and clearly display range. Users in the journey, and gas, accommodation, parking and other common problems can be easily solved.

              ONDA VP80

              The monthly early warning data update, more effective safety early warning function

              " VP80 3D Onda edition " of the latest built-in data electronic warning data prompt, comprehensive coverage of domestic main overspeed photograph, red light camera, tunnel, traffic regulation overspeed photograph and other safety tips, and provide accurate and voice prompt, to help users to safe driving, let users focus driving, driving essential assistant. In addition, the user can also match the related mobile speed equipment for use, to provide a more detailed safety reminder. At the same time, Onda and will give the GPS industry brings an innovation, " Onda VP80 3D edition " will be monthly updates, and provide professional upgrade software, user-friendly data upgrade, the new data will relieve you of all that in the process of running, avoid ticket.

              ONDA VP80

              Multifunctional intelligent platform, the most intimate of after sale service

              " Onda VP80 3D edition " rich functions, support for MP3, WMA format music, sound quality is superior, and support for video playback; in addition, with the e-book reading, picture browsing, a variety of games and other entertainment functions have everything that one expects to find. " VP80 3D Onda edition " added to allow the user to customize the options for the restoration of partial factory function, user selectable whether to retain the " history ", " address book ", " avoid region ", " electronic eyes ", very practical. At the same time, in order to enhance the quality of the machine, the new series of products introduced a new generation of " ignoring the repetitive vibrations and active flash protection " T-Protect shockproof technology and automatic thermostat technology, so that the machine can be in any environment can still secure, accurate operation. At the same time, Onda has branches throughout the country, excellent after sale service channel upgrade services, compared to other brands more at ease.

              ONDA VP80

              Editor comments: Onda as in the well-known manufacturers, has been committed to their own products and services do our best. The launch of the VP80 3D edition version Onda fusion are more advantages, I believe will in car navigation market set off a wave of no small storm. If have like this is a product of the friends, please contact the following manufacturers, to purchase as soon as possible.

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